New Swimming Pool Start to Finish Process.

Blue Champagne Pools  introductory call.  Swimming Pool introductory call:

What are you the customer looking for, pool, pool & spa, water features, timeline, just curious about cost or ready to build? When would be the best time to get together in order for us to preview home site? Given the economic realities of the past few years, do you have the finances arranged already to build your pool project?  If not, click the finance link to apply today!

Blue Champagne Pools  will measure your backyard for the pool design.Meet - measure - pictures - vision a dream backyard.

The typical process for beginning our business relationship is for Blue Champagne Pools to come to your residence after our introductory call, measure and take pictures of the existing backyard, return to the office where we will begin designing your custom pool.

Blue Champagne Pools  designs a custom pool for each pool design.Blue Champagne Pools designs a custom pool for your backyard.

When I say design "your" custom pool, it's just that. I have never built the same design twice as we are firm believers that everyone has their own taste of what they want to see in their backyard. Your design will in fact be yours only!

Meet - Review the Pool Design - Swimming Pool Cost and Contract.

Blue Champagne Pools will meet with you to review the swimming pool design.After completion of the design, we meet again and go over the design, the details in the design, and of course the cost of the design. I believe that the time we spend up front shows in the design I present, as it is 99% of the time the exact vision of what you had for your yard. Coincidence, we don't think so! We pride ourselves on what is called and we actually implement; listening to our customers, providing you with "your" vision of what the backyard will evolve into.

Permits are included in the price of the pool. Should there be a HOA, Blue Champagne Pools, Inc, will provide you all the necessary documentation you will need for your submittal to the local board. BCP does not actually go before the board for approval, this is a homeowner responsiblity.

Blue Champagne Pools brings the Showroom to you. No problem choosing Materials.

Blue Champagne Pools is on site during the all phases of the project. (pool, waterfall, pavers around the pool, landscaping....)

We typically average 30 days from day of excavation to when you are swimming in your pool! All for a price that is very competitive. Being in business for over 28 years, we know what it takes to earn your business and we take that very seriously. We build each pool as if it were going in our own backyard. Being actively on site during all phases of construction, we do not have you, the customer, in the role of supervising your own pools progress. We communicate daily on what the next steps are and what will be completed when. All we want you to do is sit back and enjoy the transformation that your backyard will undertake in a very short time. Once completed, our motto has been and always will be, we only want two phones calls from you; BBQ's and referrals!

Blue Champagne Pools  wants the homeowner available when we stake out the prerimeter of the pool.Stakeout - Dig and Excavation of your new swimming pool.

We ask that you the homeowner are available the day of excavation to confirm that the design we agreed upon looks the same when we stake out the perimeter of your pool. If not, this is the time to make slight modifications.

Gunite Installation - The walls of you new swimming pool.

Gunite by far is the most exciting part of watching your pool come to life. It's where the maze of plumbing and steel that become your structural components meet the artistic personnel in shaping your pool. The features you ask for like , acapulco benches, waterfalls, grotto's, swim up bars, table, chairs, etc... come to life. When gunite is finished, the excitment builds towards that finished pool, you are 70% complete!

Review the complete Blue Champagne Pool construction process.

Start up and Walk-though.


Enjoy your swimming pool built by Blue Champagne Pools.

Enjoy your swimming pool built by Blue Champagne Pools.


Thank you for considering Blue Champagne Pools as the builder of your dream backyard! We look forward to working with you very soon! Ready to start building your swimming pool click here and contact us NOW.